​A Few Committed Entrepreneurs Ready To Do Whatever It Takes To Make ​​2020 Your Best Year Ever!

​You already know ​building a successful business online takes publishing, testing​ and optimizing to reach your financial goals​...  ​And you're already on the path​​.

​​​The ​#1 way to speed up your ​success​ is ​through personal guidance from a mentor​ who has created the result you desire​ and has a track record of scaling profitable online businesses.

​This is your chance to create bigger than ever income, success, productivity and happiness breakthroughs for you and your family in 20​20 and beyond!  

Will YOU ​Be ​One ​Of ​The ​Lucky ​Ones?

Hey, I'm Miles Beckler and I have a question for you...

Have you ever heard the definition of insanity?

It’s doing the same things you’ve always done but expecting different results.

Which leads to my most important prediction for 20​20:

Miles Beckler Headshot

"If you don’t change SOMETHING this year… Your business will struggle​... ​Or worse, go backwards​!

You’ll make the same money (or less!) than last year… ​

You’ll end up wasting even more precious time…"

​But it doesn’t have to be that way!

​It breaks my heart to imagine you suffering like that when you don’t have to.

​You have ME to help you avoid all that misery…

​Because I want to help you leap frog over the painfully long “learning curve” so you can start making BIG PROFITS as fast as possible.

​After more than 15 years of making money online and having 8+ years of full-time experience growing a multi-million dollar internet business…

​I’ve perfected a nearly foolproof system to growing a lucrative lifestyle business online that can offer you a level of lifestyle freedom and financial freedom most people only dream about.

​But first, let me ask you something…

Are You Wasting Your Precious Time And Energy Overwhelmed With Ideas & Not Taking The Right Actions?

​Do you feel stressed out because you are spending all your free time on your business, but don’t feel like you are making progress fast enough?

​Do you want more money and more free time…? But you keep getting less and less of both?

​Today the barrier to entry is so low for starting an online business that there is more competition than ever before…

​PLUS, there are more distractions, shiny objects, overpriced (and outdated) courses, and fake gurus promoting outright SCAMS than ever before!

​So, if you don’t have a proven plan to follow and someone to help you overcome the constant challenges and obstacles on your path to success it can leave you feeling helpless and paralyzed.

​Never really knowing what to do about the constant struggle and constant challenges.

​Always doubting if you are on the right path or not…

​Unable to quickly overcome the sticking points and road blocks that so many entrepreneurs can waste months or years with…

​Leaving you feeling confused and overwhelmed…

​And then, nothing gets done.  No REAL progress is made in your business…

​No new leads on your list, no new cashflow comes in…

​And you end up with more time wasted in vein.

​Listen… You’re not alone!

​Many entrepreneurs these days don’t know what to do to survive and THRIVE in this fast moving ‘new world’ of digital business…

​Even age-old businesses with great products that have been around for generations are FAILING!

​Because they are all missing a proven and reliable system that brings you…

​​A Constant Flow Of Traffic, ​Leads & NEW Customers!

​Never in the history of entrepreneurship have we been in more uncertain times.

​Where CHANGE at an overwhelming pace is the only CONSTANT!

​On an almost daily basis, the search engine and social media algorithms that connect businesses to their audiences are changing…

​The costs of paid ads are skyrocketing…

​Reach on social media platforms continue to plummet to all-time lows.

​Entire platforms are failing (Snapchat, I’m looking at you)…

​Not to mention the absurd number of ‘fake gurus’ who have never built a REAL BUSINESS bombarding you with pitches for high ticket courses that won’t work…

​The internet is turning into a cesspool of regurgitated and outdated ‘methods’ that are sold for high-ticket prices by sociopaths.

​If you want to survive online… To THRIVE with your online business…

​You can’t afford to mess around with the ‘method-of-the-month’ fads…

​You can’t waste your time or money on the shiny objects peddled on webinars by “me too” marketers…

​Dabbling in this and that.

​Today, it’s more important than ever to build your business on a rock-solid foundation of…

Proven, Time Tested, Highly Effective
Marketing & Business Principles That WORK!

​It’s time to face the truth:

​If you knew how to break through this plateau that’s holding you back from the monthly income you so desperately desire…

​You would have done it by now!

​Yet, you carry on…

  • ​Hoping that the webinar you just got invited to will hold “The Secret” to your success…

  • ​Hoping that somehow this new ‘system’ you had to buy into is the key to passive income…
  • ​Hoping that something will magically change and turn everything around for you…
  • check
    ​Even though you’re stuck in a rut, doing the same things you’ve always done.

​Now, I’m all for optimism, but let’s be real…

​If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you where you want to go…

Doing More Of The Same…Yet Expecting Different Results…Is Just Plain DELUSIONAL!

​I get why you’re stuck…

​Suffering from entrepreneurial ADD, analysis paralysis, overwhelm, confusion, frustration…

​Feeling all alone in your entrepreneurial ventures…

​With landing pages and ads that simply don’t convert…

​Not getting enough traffic, and confused about which traffic method is best for you.

Wandering around LOST with no one you can trust who is willing to take you by the hand and point you in the right direction.

​Someone who will help you eliminate overwhelm… Overcome frustration and confusion…

​To help you FOCUS on your fastest path to success in a business you love!

​This is exactly why I launched my private Content & Conversion Inner Circle membership.

​I want to help you develop the type of business, the monthly income and lifestyle FREEDOM you desire…

​As quickly as possible!

​Without making all the mistakes and losing lots of time and money like I did.

​I’ve already navigated that minefield (multiple times, now) and can help you avoid the blunders, setbacks, confusion and overwhelm that are keeping you from achieving your goals…

​You see… What you’re missing most, whether you realize it or not, is…

A Mentor Who Has Created The Result You Desire And Who Cares About Your Personal Success!

​You need…

  • An ally in the trenches with you, day in and day out to keep an eye in your ‘blind spot’ so you can avoid costly mistakes.

  • ​A co-pilot to help you navigate the confusing and overwhelming world of digital entrepreneurship and to keep you on the right path!
  • An accomplice who can help you strategically out rank and out convert your competitors so you can take home the lion’s share of your market!
  • check
    ​A veteran who can instantly spot the land mines in front of you and steer you out of danger, towards greener pastures.
  • check
    A mentor who can help you pivot away from distraction and towards profit, time and time again.

​What gives me the greatest sense of personal satisfaction is working with entrepreneurs who are motivated to achieve their goals and dreams...

  • ​People with the absolute commitment of purpose to do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality.

  • The brave souls who are creating their own reality & forging their destiny.
  • ​Entrepreneurs who are fired up and ready to blaze forward helping others...
  • The value creators who roll up their sleeves to create value in the lives of others!
  • ​Those who have been waiting for the right coach who cares enough to work with you side-by-side to take you to the next level... and beyond.

And that’s what my Content And Conversion Inner Circle is all about.

​It’s the ultimate internet entrepreneur’s mastermind!

​A place where you’re welcome, understood, respected and appreciated as you forge along this often-misunderstood path of entrepreneurship!

​This is your chance to get my help removing the roadblocks that are keeping you from getting what you really want!

To help you stay focused, on track and productive so you can grow your business FAST with the minimal time you have available.

​To help you choose your perfect niche and solidify your personal plan for success!

​…Even if you are brand new and have never built a business or website before!

​And, the very best way for me to help you do all of that is through a member’s only mastermind where I can work with you and entrepreneurs just like you to help you get results fast!

​Built on a private, member’s-only forum where you can ask me specific questions, and learn from the relevant conversations with other members, just like you.

​In addition you get unlimited access to all the member’s only trainings, live streams & funnel reviews in the same place!

​If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think And Grow Rich” you understand the power of a mastermind.

​The power of being a part of a group of likeminded people working together to help EVERYBODY achieve their goals much faster than they could on their own.

​Plus, you get my direct input on your challenges, questions, and problems…

​So we can get you ‘un-stuck’ fast and get you back on the path to your ultimate success!

​​Here’s Exactly What You Get…

  • ​​Advanced Marketing Trainings Never Before Released On YouTube!  ​These deep dive trainings into all aspects of growing a business online are my most comprehensive trainings ever...​​​

  • Training #1: Organic Traffic Domination ($497 Value) - ​If you are not driving massive amounts of targeted organic traffic, you​ are missing out on the most profitable stream of traffic​, ever.  This ​5 part video course contains over 3 hours of advanced traffic training and 3 never-before released strategies...  This is how you get the edge on your competition!
  • Training #​2: The Fast Track To Internet Income Training ($197 Value) – Whether you are just starting or if you are a veteran digital entrepreneur, are you on the fast track?  This value-packed 2-hour video training will help you get on the fast track to success wherever you are on your path today because it shows the BEST business model for long term success and how to get there fast.
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    Training #​3: How To Find Your LUCRATIVE Niche ($397 Value) – For new marketers and new entrepreneurs, the biggest question is “What niche should I go in to?” This 3-part video training is the most comprehensive training on niche selection ever created with never before mentioned tools to help you find that hungry audience ready to subscribe and buy!
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    Training #4: The 90 Day Challenge Marketing LAUNCHPAD ($97 Value) - ​The data proves that a 90 day challenge is the fastest way to level up in your content marketing game.  From your personal mindset and habits to the results you generate, the 90 day challenge is the path to success!  This training gives you a step-by-step guide to launching and crushing a 90 day challenge!
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    Training #5: Your Big Idea Training ($97 Value) – Whether you are marketing information, selling physical products, offering local marketing services or coaching, you MUST have a BIG IDEA!  Your big idea is what set’s you apart from your competition and makes you the ONLY option to buy from in your prospect’s eyes.  This is a can’t miss training that every entrepreneur needs!
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    Training #6: How To Setup A Google Adwords Campaign ($197 Value) – For local businesses and products with hyper-aware customers, Google is still the #1 best marketing platform online. This training will get you up and running with paid Google ads FAST for your clients or your products!
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    PLUS The Entire Funnel Review Archive ($997 Value) - More than 10 pre-recorded webinars containing live funnel reviews, website reviews, homepage reviews and more.  The depth of marketing knowledge contained in this archive is greater than anything you would find at a business and marketing school, ready for you to view, on-demand at any time so you can hone your marketing skills even further!
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    Monthly ​funnel review or Q&A webinars each month. ($997 Value)  You can submit your opt in page, sales page, homepage or other to get feedback on your copy, strategy and offers!  Plus you get to review the feedback from other members’ landing pages in other niches to spark new and unique ideas you can use!

    Whatever you are dealing with, I’ve probably overcome a similar challenge or helped a client with that problem in the past. Take advantage of my experience to get a proven solution to your exact problem, FAST!
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    Full Community Access & The Ability To Start or Join Masterminds ($​497 Value)- The masterminds are member-run groups that meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help you stay accountable, build deeper relationships with other entrepreneurs who 'get you' and to get new insights and ideas about your business from other marketers on a similar path!
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    New Trainings, Content & "What's Working Now" Content Added All The Time! – ​The forum is my top location for posting my bleeding edge marketing strategies I'm testing and tweaking, months before YouTube ever hears about things... And sometimes these ideas never make it to YouTube because they are for insiders only!

​With my personal attention answering your questions in the forum, the multiple member’s only live reviews each month plus the library of elite internet marketing training…

​​​I could charge a ​fee of $​997 per month…

​And many of the fake gurus who don’t offer the personal attention or live funnel reviews would charge $​4997 for the trainings alone…

​But I'm not in this to make more money, I want to ​turn you into a SUCCESS STORY! 

​You see, I have a successful business that covers my income requirements to live my ideal lifestyle, already!

​At this point in my life and career I’m more about legacy…

​I’m most interested in holding the title of being The Most Helpful Internet Marketer In The World…

​And I want to help 10,000 entrepreneurs build lifestyle businesses that offer true time freedom, location independence, and financial freedom.

​This means I need to make the membership available for everyone…

​Plus, I remember how difficult it was to bootstrap my business all alone.

When I didn’t have thousands to invest…

​When I was over $50,000 in debt from student loans… Living with my parents.

​When I had to borrow the $95.40 to buy hosting and a domain name that launched the business my wife and I are still running today!

​Which is why I’m not interested in charging $1,000 per month.

​It would put the access you need out of reach for too many people!

​So I really want to make this a no-brainer for you.

​Therefore, right now…

​You can get full access to the forums, to me, to the masterminds, to all of the trainings for just $​97 per month

​At this price… The Content And Conversion Inner Circle is as “no-brainer” as it get​s because…

​As long as you simply take action and follow through on what you’re provided, you should get…

​​At Least 10x Return on Investment Within The First 12 Months!

​To get the maximum benefits, it would be best if you stayed in the Inner Circle Mastermind for at least 12 months…

​But there are no long-term commitments.

​You are in full control and you can cancel at any time…

​Plus, cancellation is easy!

​You don’t even have to email my team (but you can) because you can simply click on the support link inside the member’s area and manage your subscription on your own…

​How about a money-back guarantee?

​Of course!

​I’m so confident you will be amazed at the value from the trainings, from the forums, the mastermind, from access to me, the funnel reviews, etc…

​That I’ll happily give you a 30-day money back guarantee on your first month.

​Try out the membership…

​Give it 30 days to get through the trainings, to create your unique plan…

​To start building your foundation and to get on your path to success.

​And if you are not totally satisfied within the first 30 days, just let my support team know you’d like a refund and we’ll process it, no questions asked!

​No tricks…

​No head games…

​No annoying ‘save the sale’ processes…

​No hard feelings!

​I don’t like it when people get tricky with their cancellation process or refund policy so you have my word that if you want out, it will be painless.

​You’ll be in full control, the whole time!

​Very Important!

​If you don’t have at least an hour or two each night and more time available on the weekends to put in the WORK required to grow your business…

​The Inner Circle is NOT for you.

​If you are looking for a “magic solution” that will help you “get money fast” without putting in the work this is DEFINITELY not for you.

​If you think you can ‘manifest’ passive income by just pasting links around without investing the time, energy and capital required to add VALUE to the world… This is not for you!

​If you are in information collector who just wants to go through the trainings, but you don’t plan on TAKING ACTION, you need to pass on this one.


​The Inner Circle is for “Action Takers” only…

​An Action Taker understands you gotta invest your time, energy and sweat equity if you want the big reward.

​But don’t take my “Action Takers” comment to mean I’m only offering the membership to veteran marketers and entrepreneurs.

​Not at all!  If you are committed to doing whatever it takes, you have a bit of time available, and you can afford the monthly investment comfortably, join in…

​I’m more than happy to welcome newbies, too!

​In fact, you’ll make a lot faster progress than you would trying to figure out all this stuff on your own.

​But you’ll get the best “bang for the buck” if you already have a successful business…

​Because it is easier for me to help you steer a car that is already moving!

​But if you need help getting into motion as a rookie…

​I’m here to help you, too!

​Either way, I can help you find those small hinges that swing the big doors in your business…

​Help you find the missing pieces to the puzzle that your competitors have overlooked.

​It’s the closest thing to having a “shortcut to success” and unfair advantage over your competitors!

​Membership Is Strictly Limited

​You already know this inner circle is for ambitious, “do whatever it takes” entrepreneurs committed to creating success…

​And these ambitious types are excited to hit the ground running when you join…

​I get it, I’m that way, too. When I commit… I’m all in!

​But bringing in new members creates a flood of new questions, new reviews and more work for me…

​So the timing has to be perfect for me to open the membership program…

​When I’ve got enough time and energy to ​help you identify and optimize your business for maximum growth, ASAP.

​Which is why I only open the membership program a few times per year for new enrollment.

​And each time I open enrollment there are a limited number of Inner Circle membership spaces available to fill…

​So, the doors are rarely open for more than a few days at a time…

​The rest of the time, there is just a waiting list instead of a checkout page.

​If you click the ​Get Started Today button and only see an opt in for a waiting list…

​That means the doors for enrollment are currently closed.

​Fill out your information because that’s how you get on the early notification list next time the membership opens.

​​Here’s What You Need To Do ​Now To Get Your Risk-Free Access To The Inner Circle For ​​Just $97​

Click the ‘​Get Started Today!’ button below now and if you see the order form, that means that today is your lucky day!

​Complete the order form immediately and you will gain instant access to the member’s area, the trainings and the next upcoming live review!

​But the doors may close at any minute… So, complete your order NOW!

​If you lag and don’t complete the order before the doors close, I’m not able to ‘re-open’ them for you…

Get Started

​After you complete your checkout, you’ll be sent an email with all your login information and access info, so you can jump in and join the party…

​Once inside you will start with the “Start Here” video link’d to in the first email you receive.

​And at that moment, you will know you are on a new path…

​You are on the fast track to success!

​Instead of grinding it out, month after month, year after year alone…

​Having ZERO certainty in your business, income and financial future.

​​I want you to consider a different future.

​Imagine being able to predict with certainty your traffic, leads and sales each and every month.

​Imagine having a predictable and steady stream of leads and customers who line up and beg you to take their money.

​Imagine how much happier, positive and at peace you and your family will feel being able to pay off your debts and knowing that next month’s income is there!

​Imagine the pride you’ll feel when all those people who doubted you, mocked you and said you’d never make it, hear that you are firing your boss as you break out of the rat race once and for all!

​Imagine living life on your terms… Wake up when you want.  Travel when you want.  Buy what you want, when you want…

​With no one to answer to!

​Imagine getting to experience pure entrepreneurial FREEDOM…

​Every. Single. Day.

​If you want that level of success and you recognize the value of an experienced mentor who has ‘been there and done that’ guiding you…

​Helping you to outrank and out-convert your competitors…

​Showing you the shortcut to more traffic, a bigger list and unlimited cashflow potential…

​I invite you to become an inner circle member, today.​​​​

​And I’m standing by, now… Looking forward to working with you soon and helping you make ​this your BEST YEAR EVER!

Miles “You Can Do It!” Beckler

miles beckler

P.S. Curious what others have said about working with me and how my insights have helped their businesses?

​Read what others have said, below…

Trevor Fenner

​“My biggest problem was how to wrap all my ideas together into a step-by-step process, a course people could follow, and how to go about getting started with creating the content.

​​I struggled for a couple of years before I met Miles and within a few months of his guidance, I was able to get started on my new path.

It was frustrating that I had all these ideas but no clear way to bring them to market in a way people would be willing to pay for them.

Miles broke it down simply, from how to go about creating my content, creating my course, get leads from ​You​Tube for free, and amplify my message and get more leads using Facebook ads.

Most other courses are convoluted and not clear or straightforward.

I've started and successfully launched my membership site in April. I have over 50 monthly paying users and I'm making $7,000 per month now ​PLUS the affiliate income and dropshipping income, too​!

The income is much more passive than drop shipping and I love helping people one on one to build their businesses. I’m changing people's lives in ways I’ve never been able to do before.”

Trevor Fenner

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Nicole Van Den Eng

"I am no longer floundering... Success is within my reach!"

​​​​​​My biggest problem had existed for a long time: Figuring out what it was my audience was looking for. I had an idea, but so many other blogs were already doing it.

I felt hopeless. Like I would never stand out in the area I chose for my profession.

It was already so crowded, but there wasn't really a second option for me unless I wanted to throw away a decade of learning and start from scratch.

Miles gave me the answers to how to build blog posts correctly, how to be an authority in my area, and how important it was to give my biggest push.

I knew from the very first video that this was the content that was going to help me figure my blog out for good.

After all the Miles Beckler videos I've watched, I feel like I have a clear direction.

I'm no longer floundering.

Success is within my reach
thanks to this random guy who graciously supplied the rest of us with the well-guarded secrets of the marketing realm.

Nicole Van Den Eng //

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JJ and Daniella

"It's amazing...
Truly life changing for us!"

​​​​​​​My wife and I work together on our online business.

It's a membership site for parents and teachers, where they can gain access to unique crafts and printables.

We started this site about a year and a half ago. we've been in the online game with other sites we built for about 3 years, but haven't really managed to make any significant income and lift off.

I found you on Youtube pretty early when you just began your own youtube content challenge. I saw the first videos from like day 10 or so....

We were listening to your stuff for quite a while, but I think the tipping point for us, was when we heard your 90 day challenge idea.

It really sounded like a great way to move things forward. So we started our daily challenge, and created content every day for the next 85 days give or take. It was AWESOME.

It was ridiculously hard too. I work as a lawyer and was editing videos every night after work. My wife is an illustrator and was juggling her work as a freelancer with our website content requirements. But all that pain REALLY paid off.

We managed to figure out what works and what doesn't. We then pivoted to the membership website in it's current form, and have been creating content daily for another 4 months straight since then.

We're not rich yet :)

But, we now know what we need to do in order to make it and get to where we want to be. Truthfully, I think that's probably the most important thing about online businesses.

The info overload makes your head spin, and you just don't know what to do next. Not knowing leads to desperation, which leads to attempts at quick cash and 'furus' (and I've been through my fair share...).

Your guidance has helped us figure out what our next step needs to be, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My wife and I always say that when we make it and finally are able to work and make a living exclusively online, there will be 3 people to thank - Seth Godin, Gary Veynerchuck and Miles Beckler....

Keep doing what you're doing. It's amazing and was truly life changing for us.

Thanks again and all the best,

JJ and Daniella // 10minutesofqualitytime.com

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Mick Meaney

"Now I have a growing audience that values my content!"

​​​​​​​​My biggest problem was creating content on a consistent basis.

It felt like I didn't have it in me to create high quality content.

Miles cuts out all the bullshit.

The 90 day content marketing challenge was the turning point; by accepting the challenge to create my own content consistently, and by being part of the group, it held me accountable and enabled me to complete the challenge.

Now I'm creating engaging videos, podcasts, and blog posts that help people to solve real problems in my niche, and I have a growing audience that values my content.

Mick Meaney // profitcopilot.com

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Connie McQuade

"From feeling overwhelmed and dreading sitting at the PC to having confidence to take the next steps!"

​​​​​​​​​I was overwhelmed with information, but had no idea where to begin. My internet landscape consists of more than 70 domains.

I felt like I was inundated with great ideas, but not the how-to's. That resulted in the fear of making mistakes, which was frustrating and I felt constrained.

Miles' videos are different because he provides high quality training and authentic support; he invokes self-confidence in others while everyone else just expects their instructions to be useful without a holistic approach.

After watching several of Miles' videos and taking the Blueprint course, I realized not only how and where to begin, but had the confidence to take the next several steps to create my own videos and put into action, blueprints for several of my domains to create an interwoven system. Miles chunked it down for me; I feel entirely transformed.

Now that I the prior chaos is becoming clarified and organized, I feel unlocked and free to create successfully and solidify 10 years of dreams into the particle state.

I am no longer dreading sitting at the PC, and feeling failure because of no guidance, support, or plan of action. My internet business will at long last launch as dynamically as I'd hoped for years, and I expect to invest myself in the process of prosperous outcomes.

Connie McQuade // SedonaEmpowerment.com

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Ethan Finley

"Audience has grown 1200%
in one year!"

​​​​​​​​​​Before discovering Miles' incredible videos, I struggled with the motivation to get out there daily and create/publish content, as well as a logical path to reaching an audience with my work​.

It felt like my mind was in a fog, and my body was burdened by a ton of bricks; I needed both the clarity of how to move forward, and the energy to do so.

When I found Miles' videos I knew they were something special, and that Miles himself is the REAL DEAL. Transparency, authenticity, generosity, all fused with massive experience and an unbridled desire to share motivation and success with his students: that is what sets Miles Beckler apart from all the "fake gurus" selling us a dream with no way to reach it.

I dipped my toe into the wide world of Miles' hundreds of videos on YouTube, tentatively at first (because I'd been burned by many other "fake gurus"), but soon I found myself watching his videos EVERY DAY. During my lunch break, listen to Miles. On the way to pick up my daughter from school, listen to Miles. Feeling unmotivated...listen to Miles, realize again that there IS a way for me to share my unique gifts with others, enrich their lives, and also build the lifestyle I desire simultaneously...and then GET BACK TO WORK creating content!

This has been my pattern for almost a year now, and the results are REAL.

I am a songwriter/musician who also has a passion for teaching and, after struggling for years to gain much traction, I am now building a YouTube channel based upon teaching others what I know about making music, and every day I hear from someone new who I have truly helped to improve in a way that is meaningful for them in their musical pursuits.

My audience on YouTube is still modest, but has grown about 12x in a year; I have a small but growing mailing list; I plan to launch 3 products before year's end.

Most importantly, I expect my audience to continue to grow - along with my ability to "be of service at scale" - for as long as I put in the effort and follow the steps I currently am. AND, I learned it ALL from Miles.

Ethan Finley // The Ghost Mall

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Ben Smith

"He doesn't just talk about it, his knowledge comes from his own experience!"

Miles depth of marketing knowledge is nothing short of astounding.

His ability to merge old school timeless marketing principles with the latest marketing delivery mechanisms is where he truly shines.

It doesn't matter what marketing or business topic it is, be it social media, email, payments processing, hiring, ANYTHING to do with business, Miles knowledge and application of it far exceeds most.

He has helped me with strategy, content creation, seo, email deliverability and so much more.

Now, when I come to a challenge or problem point in my business I often ask myself what would Miles say? He is so good at seeing a clear and concise solution to a problem.

And best of all, he is a practitioner himself. He doesn't just talk about it, his knowledge comes from his own experience.

That is someone you should listen to.

Ben Smith // dressageridertraining.com

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